Bombay Cutting Chai, Desi Tadka with Premium Assam CTC, 250g

Bombay Cutting Chai, Desi Tadka with Premium Assam CTC, 250g

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  • 100% Natural & original in taste 
  • Enriched with ginger & cardamom 
  • Promotes better digestion 
  • Helps in feeling fresh  
  • Refreshing & good to taste.  

The Bombay cutting chai is a famous blend from the streets from Mumbai, the place from where the concept of cutting chai has come, the most engaged city.  

The chai is not an everyday routine it’s an emotion for every individual. Spicy ginger, with tempting flavour of cardamom, and last touch of refreshing taste of fennel makes a cup of Bombay masala cutting chai unique and refreshing.  

Bombay cutting chai is well designed by in - house experts and taste guaranteed, Fresh, delicious, healthy and served hot for rejuvenating the senses  

A super blend of authentic spices cardamom, fennel and dried ginger. 

It helps you stay energetic and fresh for a longer period of time and best alternative for tea addicts as it is made from natural spices aids in better digestion. 

Each Pack contains 250 gm of tea powder, and which can make approx. 100 cups of fresh tea. 

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