Vedic Kadha Detox Tea with Moringa & Tulsi, Immunity Booster

Vedic Kadha Detox Tea with Moringa & Tulsi, Immunity Booster

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  • Organic certified ingredients
  • Acts as immune booster
  • Herbal tea for Cough and Cold
  • 100% natural whole leaf blend

Tea Ark’s Organic Vedic Kadha blend is a natural whole leaf blend with Moringa, Tulsi, Cinnamon, Ginger, Thyme, and Ginger.

These tea helps to fight against the bacteria and germs in the oral cavity acts as a mouth freshener and prevents bad breath.

Thyme contains flavonoids that help to maintain cell health and helps to prevent aging in organs and cells. Rich in Vitamin A and C which helps to strengthen the immune system.

Aids in managing blood sugar levels and decreasing immunoglobulin, and fasting blood sugar levels as the tea is not sugar-based energy.

Brewing Instructions – Add one teaspoon of tea leaves to 100 ml of hot water and let this infusion steep for 4-5 minutes your freshly brewed cup of tea is ready to consume.

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