INLIFE Lung Detox Supplement, Supports Healthy Lungs

INLIFE Lung Detox Supplement, Supports Healthy Lungs

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Health awareness is a trend rolling across the brains of everyone, especially after getting a hard hit from an unknown virus which has made the life’s 360-degree upside down.

People use various methods to keep themselves fit & healthy like indulging oneself in yoga, swimming, sports, gym, and many other similar activities. However internal wellbeing is equally crucial to keep yourself 100% fit.

Lung is an important organ of human body which helps us breathe the pure air and discard the impure air and if its functioning gets disrupted falling sick every now and then will be a common phenomenon.

Hence, INLIFE has come up with a unique formulation which includes ayurvedic herbs and an herbal ingredients like Vitamin C, Grape seed extract, Vitamin D, Echinacea, Vasa, Mulethi, Tulsi, Turmeric etc. which helps in boosting immune power & aids in enhancing the lung elasticity to breathe better.

INLIFE Lung Detox capsules are also enriched with Vitamin K2 & bromelain which helps control respiratory tract inflammation and have a relaxation effect on airway smooth muscle, thus, contributing to the normal functioning of the respiratory system.

INLIFE Lung Detox capsules contains 60 vegetarian capsules per pack and serving size is 2 capsules and hence each pack consist of 30 servings.

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