INLIFE Pumpkin Seed Extract Supplement, 500 mg

INLIFE Pumpkin Seed Extract Supplement, 500 mg

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INLIFE Pumpkin Seed Extract Capsules contain safe, natural ingredients and is manufactured to high quality standards. One of the major benefits of Pumpkin Seed is that it promotes healthy prostrate function. For optimal results, 1 capsule daily before meals with water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Supports Healthy Prostate and Urinary Tract Health. An excellent support for prostate and urinary tract issues. Supports a regulated bladder and urinary control. Pumpkin seeds are also called as Pepitas and are a natural source of Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids.
Combats Skin Problems. Antioxidants present in pumpkin seed extract is essential for the regrowth of skin and wound healing. It is required to assist the epithelial cells both externally and internally. Vitamins present in this are also essential for the formation of glycoproteins, sugar and protein combination that binds the cells together to form soft tissues.

Our product contains the most natural and effective formulation of trusted natural ingredients that are carefully processed and manufactured in a GMP certified manufacturing facility, so you can be sure that you're safe. Vegan and vegetarian friendly-INLIFE Pumpkin Seed extract vegetarian capsules, is produced in gluten-free capsules and contains no artificial ingredients.

Consider ordering one bottle for yourself and another for a friend or loved one. Keep each other motivated and reach your health goals together and more quickly. INLIFE Healthcare stands by every quality product they make. We manufacture only premium and extra pure but high potency vitamins, capsules, pills, tablets, powders, multivitamins, supplements and natural herbal skin & personal care products for men, women, and children. Check INLIFE Healthcare out today!

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